Help Us Celebrate Our 85th Anniversary by Making a Donation Today

On January 16, 1939, we took our first steps, with 500 eager learners registering for the initial 20 classes offered. Despite the challenges posed by a world on the brink of war and economic uncertainty, our founders remained steadfast in their resolve to equip individuals with the tools they needed to thrive.

Over the years, we have evolved and currently Princeton Adult School offers more than 250 courses each term and serves over 4000 students annually in classes ranging from the Arts, Health and Wellness, Gardening, Genealogy, Photography, Dance, World Languages and more.

Today, our impact can be heard through countless heartwarming stories that underscore the connections fostered within the Princeton Adult School community. Students from all walks of life come together, forging relationships that extend far beyond the classroom. We take pride in witnessing newly formed bonds between our learners – from bi-yearly gatherings in jewelry-making classes to students from virtual classes meeting for dinners outside of class time. These events tell us that even those who were once strangers have formed connections, reminding us that our mission reaches beyond education, touching the very fabric of community.

As we begin this celebratory year of turning 85, we invite you to be a part of our journey. Your support ensures that our mission of providing accessible and enriching education continues to flourish. By contributing to Princeton Adult School, you help us empower individuals to pursue their passions, develop new skills, and engage with their community in meaningful ways.

Join us in making a difference today, as we look back with pride on our history and move forward with determination to shape an even brighter future. Together, we can ensure that Princeton Adult School remains a cornerstone of education, inspiration, and growth for generations to come where Learning Never Ends.

Use this button to make a donation with your credit card. (A PayPal account is not necessary, but it is one of the payment options.) The Princeton Adult School is a non-profit under the Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3) and your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Please consult with your tax advisor as to the deductibility of your gift.

Why Give

Tuition does not cover all the costs associated with offering classes, technical support to help you every evening, brochure production and staff support.  We hope to continue to give scholarships for English as a Second Language and help those who are in need of job skills.  Educating and enhancing the lives of adults is what we do with your help…

How to Give

When you register for a class, you can include a donation with your check or include an extra amount when you check out in your shopping cart.  If you want to give online separately from your class registration, you may donate on our registration site. Many of you will receive a letter asking you to support our Annual Fund this fall.  Pledges and gifts are welcome throughout the year online, by check, cash or securities.  We appreciate your corporate matching gifts.  

Donations by mail may be sent to:

Princeton Adult School

PO Box 701

Princeton, NJ 08542

For any additional information, please contact the Princeton Adult School Executive Director, Anne Brener, at 609-683-1101.